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Wendy Whiting

Mortgage, Real Estate and Life

As a long time mortgage broker with Xeva Mortgage, Wendy Whiting gets asked all the time- why use a broker instead of going to the bank to arrange a mortgage? Her answer makes sense to even the most traditional investor.

“When you go to the bank”, Whiting explains, “you are dealing with people who are sometimes not as experienced and who wear many different hats; they do RSP’s savings accounts, investments and mortgages so they have to be generalists.  They don’t always have the expertise of a broker”

As in life, when it comes to the financial world, it helps to have clout.  “When you walk into the bank, you are one client and you are dealing with one bank whereas we deal with several different lenders- all the credit unions, trust companies and banks.  We send them so much business that they are willing to give us the best rate in town.  They look at a broker as a resource for new business”

Whiting is passionate about her business and getting the best deal for her clients.  A recent email exhorts clients to ‘take advantage of the housing market and look into a great low rate for your new home, refinance or home renovation project’.  Whiting is adamant that those who hesitate may regret it.  “this is a really great time to buy.”



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